UBNT Gen 1 AirCam

Air Cam does not keep date over reboot. Have to set manually.  Pain. ssh in and AirCam.v3.0.9.25# date 2015.01.05-13:09 Mon Jan  5 13:09:00 GMT 2015 Of course why it is locking up would be a good question to answer.  Alas. Broken Laptops call my name.

DNS issues

Migration:  Gotta make sure DNS is all aligned.  This is plaguing me.  Gotta get it right the 1st time!! Plesk: • Edit /var/named/run-root/var/domainname.com to reflect correct SOA and NS records also A records. • Increment the record!!! • Make sure to restart the named with something like /etc/init.d/named restart cPanel: • Be sure to add […]

Migration steps

Migrating from Plesk to cPanel Consider: Setup Account primary login has shell and sftp abilities. Use sftp instead of ftp. Setup mx records in mail area of cPanel. Note server type should be local. Email passwords can’t be migrated….not yet.  Looking into that…. Add redirects as forwarders. Aliases as forwarders. Dist list as multiple forwarders on […]

cPanel DNS – MX records

Their simple dns is not worth much. Gotta alays remember to use the advanced. BTW MX records are not changed in the DNS area but the email area. OOOkkkk. So I had my domain sanjuanweb.com setup. AND I did receive email there. Not sure what changed there and how.  But the DNS MX record slipped […]

StormOnDemand – Migration

Moveing to a StormOnDemand webserver.  Uses cPanel.  I’m freindly with a Plesk cp and the cPanel is a bit of a change for me. Nice to stretch but wow lots to consider. 1st note: WordPress permalinks .htaccess mess up the ability to have .htaccess files in other directories. Good head ache this.  The solution for […]

CD-Rom drive disappears

Found a great solution for fixing a CD-ROM hardware missing in XP at http://sillydog.org/forum/sdt_9200.php.  Many thanks to the dude at sillydog.org. Here is the breif version: CD-ROM shows in Device Manager with yellow exclamation. Error code 41 or 39. To fix this problem, I performed the following: Start Registry Editor (Start, Run and type in […]

End the day well

Oh oh oh …. found a problem with a cable built must be eight years ago. Pinning was wrong. Fixed it and the connection works just fine Found where my image upload was mis-configured. I have the right write permissions on the folder I was uploading to …but the path in WP was wrong. I […]

Learning Word Press

OK so I’m working feverishly learning WordPress.  Having trouble uploading images using the “Add Media” above.  Also trying to hunt down so tutorials on how it works instead of just following my nose into the application I want to be competent in WP  and use it for my church website as well as my County […]