It has been a bit of time since my last post. So I need to get after it.

It is great having a bustle of activity at home these days with Jenny and Angie back from school. I think Joe really misses them and I know Theresa and I do. Though I have to admit that, at times, I can’t wait for school to start again.

I am really proud of the girls and how they are tackling life’s questions and answers. They are both involved in their respective communities (Angie with Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) and Jenny with a Street Ministry to teens in Spokane.) Jenny is learning about cars(ouch) and Army ROTC is crafting her leadership skills. She is almost done with basic schooling (not pre-med, but pre-nursing) and will soon begin at the Intercollegiate School of Nursing. Angie is working to complete her senior year at Western and her major in Human Resources and Accounting will serve her well.

Joe is holding up well with his leg broken. We are as of today 2 months post break. Theresa has a photo at her blog. He complained about showing others his x-ray but I told him I had to have something to show for $29,000. Actually, the insurance paid for much of the cost but the total for a leg break is astounding. And though this took a rod and 2 screws I get the feeling that this was a fairly simple repair. No complications. Praise the Lord.

Well, gotta go. I update you on my reading sometime and start getting some pictures up.

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