Well now I’ve done it.

So.. we make home made salsa every year. Good stuff. No. Great stuff!!! We like to give it away as presents, but most of all we just love it on whatever. It is sometimes hot, sometimes mild. Really grand as it ages. I like it hot, fresh brewed out of the kettle on the stove. Mmmmmmmm!

Tonite we chopped up garlic and peppers – bells, cerano , jalapeno chilies. Theresa did most of the work, but I did help. Yep, just after finishing the jalpenos I rub my eye.
OUCH, boy did that sting. For the next 45 minutes I could not take a look out of that eye. And of course, while holding a hot towel to the eye some chilies decided to migrate towards the other eye. Just a tingle mind you.
My daughter Angela remembered at some point that we had some eyewash. I could not open the eye without pain, but decided to at least wash the outside. Well lucky me that eased things up a bit and then I could just open a bit and finally was able wash the eye. Thanks Bosh and Lomb for the help. Its now gonna be required in the cabinet during salsa season.
Don’t these jars look luscious!

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