I am the Real Richard Boucher.  Really.  I go by Rick, but my name is Richard Boucher.

Now you may be looking for Richard Boucher of State Department fame.  I did too once.  A friend called my house and heard that I had died as a hostage on station. Apparently the media got that wrong too. Maybe the listener got that wrong. Brief search on Google didn’t find anything about it. He seems like a great guy.  I’m sorry to have grabbed the domain name before he did. But then he might not care.  In any case kudos to you sir, for your service to our country.

Other Richard Bouchers include a Congressman from Virginia who incidentally is involved in forming policy on Technical topics in DC. Turns out he is a Frederick not a Richard. Well anyway.  He aligned with the Obama Administration. Not my choice, but he served our country.  I’ll give him that.