Well after the golf fun I settled in to get a clients computer fully installed and upgraded for their workday on Monday. Did not actually get it in place for then until 11:00 am due to all the apps needed and printers. Still hoping that all was well and little will need to be done to complete the recovery process.

A DNS Poisoning issue has been discovered and everyone running a server needs to get their DNS updated ASAP (3 weeks ago) so I spent some time last night making sure all was well with my systems. Apparently end-users may also need to run updates. This means that you should be sure to allow Windows Updates and Mac OS X Software Updates to do what they need to do.

OK, as a result of the adjustment to the mail server, during which I attempted to get MailScanner running again (its been disabled for quite a while), A number of messages in the old MailScanner queue (from Feb?) were delivered and also if you happened to leave mail on the server for a few days you received another copy of those left. What fun, eh? Meanwhile MailScanner proceeded to put excessive loads on the server slowing it to a crawl. In the end I disabled MS again and all is back to normal. Will need to clear the cache tonight so the mail will be delivered and this (the mail part) won’t happen again in the future. Annnd I need to explore why MS dominates the server when it it started up.

A few other anomalies made for some interesting exploration. dovecot, vsftp, mysql, and httpd. It was good, I need the refresher……And finally I decided to get this blog going using WordPress.

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