I’ve decided to pick up reading and develop a personal library. I set a goal to become familiar with the books I pick out, but not force myself to finish them.  This may not be a good thing but I know me and if I said I’m not gonna read another till one is done then I’d only read two or three a year.

So I’m developing a grazing style of reading. I’m notorious for reading 2 or 3 paragraphs and dropping off to slumber land.  So I’m working on that and working on learning to scan after I get a couple of chapters in. I will try to find interesting things that stretch my thought, etc.
My first book in this endeavour is TA DA – “The Rebirth of Orthodoxy” by Thomas Oden.  I heard about it through my new pastor’s PodCast The Kindlings Muse.  It is a philosophical study of the resurgence of Orthodoxy in a post-modern world that is seeing the failure of Freudianism, Darwinism, Marxism and others in bringing any meaning to life and that they in-adequately answer life questions. Apparently post-modern Jews and Christians, which share a common historical reference in Old Testament literature, are returning to that foundation of truth.
Making progress….I’m on chapter two already……

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