I have many many projects that need getting back to around the house. Here is my latest and most personally inspirational. Inspirational because it looks so good after what we have lived on for the last 15(?) years. Especially the last 2 or three years after we begin the monumental task of remodeling the kitchen.

Here you see the color difference in what was to what will be.
The edge of the new also represents our “current problem due to procrastination” , oh, and lack of funding.
We started the kitchen remodel the year Jenny was a senior. Every senior at Orcas Is. High School has a Senior Project. Jenny’s project was related to our remodel. This old picture was taken in the demo stage. It was taken from outside the building into an area that became Theresa’s sewing area. 

Any way we did not get around to finishing things like trim and that “finished” look.  So I decided to work on the floor this winter.  We used Harmionics Laminate Flooring from Costco and it is really a good looker.  However, they are phasing out the color we used and are going to new stuff.  Yikes! Now we are searching the state for 6 or 7 more boxes of the stuff to complete the dining room floor.
Here is a look from the kitchen.  

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