Migrating from Plesk to cPanel


Setup Account primary login has shell and sftp abilities.
Use sftp instead of ftp.

Setup mx records in mail area of cPanel. Note server type should be local.
Email passwords can’t be migrated….not yet.  Looking into that….

Add redirects as forwarders. Aliases as forwarders. Dist list as multiple forwarders on same address,

Tar up the httpdocs directory and sftp to the cPanel server.  Extract to the www or public_html directory.
chmod 755 -R public_html/*

export databases on Plesk and download to desktop pc.  Make sure to decompress as cPanel  phpmyadmin does’t like the compressed version.
Create the db in cPanel mysql databases and set user and password. be sure to link the user to the db.
Import the sql you downloaded in phpMyAdmin.
ALT: export using mysqldump -p -u root tablename > tablename.sql
     tar czf tablename.sql.tgz tablename & sftp to new server
     tar xzf tablename.sql.tgz
     import using mysql -p -u root newtablename < tablename.sql

Edit the config file of your wrdpress install (wp-config.php) reflecting the db,use,pass) credentials you used.

If using the wordpress permalink option be sure to use the hybrid version (see in previous post).

Make sure the dns is set in the masters servers.
Double check the mx local setting as it got reset on me couple of times unbeknownst to me.  big pain.

Check firewall to make sure the server can be connected to by posting.

Set POSTINI redirect email to this server

Check to see if email is flowing in.

Might use /private/etc/hosts (mac) or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (windows) to pre-view/test site before dns switch.
xx.xx.xx.xx domain.com

Places of files:

named:  /var/named  /etc/named.conf
mail:  /home/1stusername/domainname.com/mail/username/new & cur
mail pass: /home/1stusername/domainname.com/etc/….

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