Wow, what a contrast.

Just yesterday I had stumbled on the story of Lovelle Svart. Lovelle had a terrible cancer and, in Oregon where it is legal, chose to end her life with help from the doctor assisted suicide system. I wondered how we as “Christians in the Culture” can speak to our brothers and encourage them to choose Life though they are dying.

Now, I just read of Blandina and her martyrdom at The Point. I was reminded of the tough road of dignity that Bill M., and Carolyn Y. chose. I chose to join them, to Live.

What a contrast between the two lives. I am not insensitive to Lovelle and I’m not in her shoes, but I would choose to live for Christ even if that means dying like Blandina did. I doubt I have her faith. Yet. God willing, I’m at least headed in that direction. I struggle with disciplined commitment, tenaciously hanging on to comfort and old habits. I hope that the Lord continues to “work with in me to will and to act according to His good purpose”.

In my men’s group we just started studying the book of James. Doers of the word and not hearers only. Would that I was.

I will.

Work in me Lord.

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