Wow, its been busy round here. Lots of things which I have thought to blog about, but alas it came to nothing.

So I’m updating about my adventures……

Reading: “The Rebirth of Orthodoxy” by Oden is panning out now. I enjoyed the distraction in reading the Athanasian Creed which I had not heard before. Actually now that I have read it and continue to ponder it and its form, I am reminded of some scenes from a couple shows that parody it.

Podcasting: I’ve been working on pod casts from the church since July 8. I have every sermon since on video on the church website It has been a good intellectual learning curve on how to get a podcast going. Hooked into iTunes and all. I stripped out the audio and created audio casts after some had trouble (windows users) with the movie format (quicktime). I decided to go to MP3 format to have wider compatibility.

Well family is calling me to breakfast. Will add more later.

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